CMMC in the Federal Register

By Heather Bennett

January 8,2024

What's the Buzz?

CMMC is in the Federal Register. That’s the new buzz in the cybersecurity world. What does that mean exactly? We have waited a few weeks to respond to this. After reading countless articles and blogs and attending webinars on this specific, we found that one thing remains true. There is still so much we don’t know.

What is missing?

There is on things that we know for sure. The official cut-off date for comments is February 26, 2024. Beyond that, there are no concrete dates. A great among speculation on when the rule will become law is circulating. Some say summer 2024, and some say December 2024. After the final ruling, there will be a phased rollout to all DIB contractors. Despite CMMC not being official yet, there has been CMMC language in new contracts to cover contracts that could extend into the expected CMMC rollout.

You can view the official Register entry here . At the time of this blog, and there have been 12,615 views and 32 public submitted comments. These comments consist of requests for clarity, noting discrepancies, and reporting errors. The common sentiment from the community outside of the official channel has been similar. There has also been a sense of “we knew this was coming.”

CMMC has been a buzzword for 5 years. Despite its slow crawl, we can now see the finish line. Many experts are agreeing that those who have not been preparing will be left behind. At the very least, they will be caught in the bottleneck that is inevitably on the horizon.

Below, you will find information you may find useful in understanding the Federal Register process and how to monitor its progress.

The Federal Register and CMMC:

The Federal Register serves as the official repository for all federal agency rules, proposed rules, and notices. It plays a crucial role in disseminating information to the public, and CMMC is no exception. The documentation related to CMMC in the Federal Register provides insights into the framework’s development, updates, and implementation.

Key Elements in the Federal Register:

  1. Rulemaking Notices: The Federal Register publishes rulemaking notices related to CMMC, including proposed rules, final rules, and interim rules. These notices outline the changes to be made, the rationale behind them, and the implications for defense contractors.
  2. Public Comments and Feedback: One significant aspect of the Federal Register’s role in the CMMC context is the opportunity for public engagement. Interested parties can submit comments, suggestions, and feedback on proposed rules, allowing for a more inclusive and collaborative approach to refining the framework.
  3. Updates and Amendments: As the CMMC framework evolves, the Federal Register reflects any regulation updates or amendments. Staying abreast of these changes is vital for contractors aiming to comply with the latest cybersecurity requirements.
  4. Implementation Guidelines: The Federal Register may provide additional guidance on implementing and interpreting CMMC requirements. This can include clarifications on specific controls, assessment procedures, and compliance timelines.

Benefits of Monitoring the Federal Register for CMMC Updates:

  1. Timely Compliance: Regularly checking the Federal Register ensures that defense contractors are promptly aware of any CMMC requirements changes. This proactive approach helps organizations stay ahead in their compliance efforts.
  2. Informed Decision-Making: Accessing information in the Federal Register allows contractors to make informed decisions about cybersecurity investments, strategy adjustments, and overall compliance efforts.
  3. Engagement in the Regulatory Process: The opportunity to submit comments and participate in the regulatory process fosters collaboration between the government and industry stakeholders, resulting in a more robust and effective CMMC framework

Final Thoughts

CMMC is a pivotal step in bolstering the cybersecurity defenses of defense contractors. The information disseminated through the Federal Register serves as a crucial resource for understanding, implementing, and staying current with CMMC requirements. By actively engaging with the Federal Register, organizations can navigate the complexities of the framework and contribute to its continuous improvement, ultimately enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture of the defense industrial base.

Provincia Government Solutions, LLC is a Nashville based HUBZone certified security and risk assurance firm with advanced expertise in government regulatory and compliance cybersecurity requirements including NIST, FISMA, CMMC, SCA, 800-171, TRICARE, MARS-E and ZTA (Zero Trust Architecture) solutions. Our client base includes  government agencies, contractors, and commercial organizations affiliated with government entities. Whether you are seeking audit preparedness, compliance and assurance assessments,  security consulting, or CMMC certification, we have the expertise to help.  Contact us at (615) 807-2822 or at to discuss your security needs today. Consultations are free of charge and we look forward to speaking with you!

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