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Let’s face it. There is no easy button for CMMC. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to prepare yourself for success – whether you are a small or medium-sized business that will self-certify or a larger organization that will require the CMMC 2.0 certification.

Let’s highlight three steps that can make the difference between preparing successfully vs. spending money and time and still being doomed to failure.

Readiness Consulting

Hire the right consultant for your organization! PGS knows that every CMMC environment is different and that every CMMC consultant is different. That’s why we spend the time to get to know your environment so that we can fast-track you to success by spending time on the CMMC areas that can impact you the most. 

Even if you have a small environment, our targeted approach can save you money and time in the long run.


So you have identified all of the gaps needed for compliance. What do you do next? This is where our trained consultants can lend a hand. We are a team of CMMC-certified Third Party Assessors (C3PAO) and are trained not only to identify your gaps but also to make recommendations for remediation. We can assist in implementing those recommendations through our skilled team and our team of solution provider partners.


Possibly the hardest part of CMMC compliance for small companies. Who has time to complete all sorts of diagrams, plans, procedures, and policies – not to mention the dreaded System Security Plan (SSP)? We got you covered! We not only have the base templates to get you up and running quickly, but more importantly, we have the expertise to fill out all of your documentation by working with you and your technical team (internal or external) to collect the right information.

There is nothing sexy about documentation, but we know what is needed and make sure your documentation (even the dreaded SSP) is completed to the level expected by your CMMC auditor. After all, we are CMMC auditors ourselves!

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